Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"If I could read, I could lead" - Fritz Sampson

Well I know it's been a while since I've posted a blog but a lot has happened since I think Mexico. In fact dad and I are not really sure how much time has gone by or what day it is. Yesterday we just found out after three days of being in Panama that we crossed into eastern time zone at the Costa Rica/Panama border. And a few days before in Costa Rica we where surprized to learn that is was Saturday and not Sunday. Some were we either lost or gained a day, I'm still not quite sure. But the hard facts are that we have arrived in Panama City after about two months of being on the road. I have to admit I hadn't planned on making it this far and don't really know what to do from here on out. Central American has been a great run and coming into Panama City was as just as colorful as I could have imagined. For those who have never experienced a Latin American election cycle now is your chance in Panama. Elections for president and all the other offices are in May. This means that posters with bleached pictures of guys with gold chains and bad mustaches are up all over town. This year Panama even has a Sarah Palin lookalike running for president. And it didn't take long for dad and I to figure out that most of the politcians here are really looking for that old grey white guy Fritz Sampson look this year. If dad just had a moustache he would be a very successful politician in Panama. Once we got into Panama City we headed for the biggest shit hole hotel in town. And considering we were one hour ahead than what we thought it was good that we found what we did. I will say that the barrio of Casco Viejo does indeed provide that old world charm, I just wish it didn't also provide the feeling that my bike is going to get stolen if I turn my head for one second. Needless to say Casco Viejo and Panama City are very "interesting", enough so that after one night in town dad and I moved out to the airport hotel to hang with the other business travelers. We are about five minutes from the cargo airport where tommorow we will drop our bikes off to be shipped to Bogota, Columbia. We had orginally wanted to go to Cali, Columbia, but apparently COPA Airlines doesn't ship to Columbia but once a month, at the end of the month. For a few minutes today I thought the trip may have been over with no way to get to Columbia, but all is good. Well I guess we have made it this far so I have begun to plan to make it the rest of the way. Those wondering about the quote, dad has some problems leading because he can't read the map without his reading glasses. For a while everytime he led we had to stop and put on glasses to figure out where we were. Now I lead most of the time.

Next Stop Bogota.

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