Monday, February 16, 2009


Marty has become unbalanced on this part of the trip. Yesterday while on day 2 of our trip down the Carreterra Austral Marty hit a soft spot and dumped the bike. He was unhurt, but he shredded one of his panniers. It took us a couple of hours to put things back together, but we got underway and are now in Coyhuique.

Chilean Patagonia must be seen to be appreciated. It is wet, cool, sunny, pine forests, glaciers, fiords, rutted roads, mud, and spectacular beauty. Saturday we arrived in Chaiten by ferry. Chaiten was partly destroyed by a volcano last year and has few inhabitants left. But that´s where the ferry left us, so that´s where we started. We made it to Puyuhaipi Saturday night and collapsed.

Sunday we started late and had the mishap. Then it started to rain, then ice in the higher elevations. But we are loving this.

We head for the border with Argentina tomorrow.


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