Wednesday, October 29, 2008

First Snow Storm, New Jersey

Well, only two days into my trip from Boston to Omaha and I found myself in New Jersey in the middle of a snow storm. Tuesday morning I woke up in Brooklyn at my friend Chris's house to the cold rain. I knew snow was to my west and moving northward so I didn't really worry about the weather. I've ridden through wet weather before and wasn't that worried. I began to wonder if I'd made a good decision to move while crossing on the bridges in New York. The wind gusts must have been at least 40 miles per hour. I though if I can just get south of this stuff the rest of the way should be pretty nice. About 10 mile into New Jersey it started spitting snow then it just started coming down hard and sticking to everything. I could barly see out of my helmet. I quickly exited the Jersey Turnpike and found myself in East Brunswick, a place I'm sure I would have never visited without a little help from mother nature. By the time I made it into East Brunswick eveything was a slushy mess. I've never ridden in snow, much less slush. I was worried the bike was going to come out from under me, but draggen my feet and keeping it in first gear worked. After holding up inside a stripwall for an hour and getting weather reports from my dad I decided there was nothing I could do except hunker down for the night. I found a hotel with a restaurant that was home to the "World's Largest Pickle Bar." and the worst chef salad. I guess I'm learning early on that plans are going to be thrown out the window about every other day. Now on to Washington, D.C.

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Molly said...

Marty, I hope you enjoyed the pickles. Bon voyage!