Sunday, December 14, 2008


We arrived in Villahermosa on Tuesday Dec 9. All the way from Mexico City we ran into Pilgrims running with torches for the Lady of Guadalupe Feast Day on Dec 12. When we pulled into Villahermosa Marty and me were able to meet up with old friend from Alliance Lucila Negrete. Lucy found us a great hotel and acted as escort to find it.

The next morning we left for San Christobal de las Casas. Well I found a truly great place. This is one of those locations that is high, cool, urbane, surrounded by the pines, tons to do and see, and relatively inexpensive. So we spent the week here while Marty looked at some reforestation projects and I tried to find tires and fixed the bikes, again.

I am now an expert at finding welders. It takes me about a half hour to find the one shop in any town that can weld aluminium. It is a lot of fun hanging with those guys. But it is becoming time consuming. Until you have ridden on the Mexican “libres” it is hard to explain the pounding the bikes take just going through a town. Getting to San Christobal required a water crossing and 3 offroad adventures necessitated by the destruction of the highway.

Lets talk about religion for a minute. Dec 12 was the feast of Our Lady of Gaudalupe. Now significant inroads to Catholicism have been made in Mexico, but on Dec 12 everyone is Catholic. If you are not Catholic you miss the party. Just that simple. It is not just a matter of religion. It is a matter of national identity and society- literally. People organize into Pilgrimage groups that run down the interstate and highways, some barefoot, some with torches. But on Dec 12 they all pull into town. It is a great time. Lots of music, noise , fireworks, people. So religions that do not venerate Mary or the Catholic saints are at a real disadvantage, because the feasts days are party time,

We are headed for Guatamala on Monday. So I expect it will be a while before we can post again.


sallybrady said...

Uncle Jim gave me this. I loved reading this. Merry Christmas wherever you are. I am thinking of you. Aunt Sally

steven said...

Hi Sally - this is your online Christmas Card from Black & Deb - Merry Christmas to you,and Jim, Millie, Dick and Caroline, Uncle Bob & Aunt, Laura and Bill Jean ect ect ect , I know you guys will read this so say Hi to everyone from us, Somebody has to work and obviously it's not Fritz and Marty - Fritz and Marty - give us a call on Christmas

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Franklin said...

Hi, I found your link over at HU, thanks. Having traveled in Mx and Gaut by mc myself I can totally relate to most if not all your experiences, I will be returning in feb 09. Any info concerning accommodation(like the place you found in San Cris would be appreciated). If you find yourself staying in Panajachel Gaut mc friendly lodging can be found at Villa Lupita. I wish you continued success. Franklin