Sunday, December 7, 2008

We Are Blessed

Well Marty and I made it to Mexico City. As you know if you are following our blog, Guadalajara was a kind of a sore spot. We had a very good experience with our Posada, and very poor experience with the motos. I thought I had a replacement windshield coming through the local BMW dealer, and they said it had arrived on Thursday at noon but I should call back at 5 after the shipment had been unpacked. But when I actually showed up at 3 it turned out the part had not arrived. You should have seen the look on their faces. Anyway, I still don’t have a windshield and really don’t care. I hope to get one for Christmas!

Then on Friday we clawed our way out of Guadalajara for 2 hrs. We thought Guadalajara was a big city. We were in for a great awakening. A great ride on good roads all day. When we approached Mexico City the reality of entering a city of 26 million people started to makes its impression. We pulled over after the last toll booth and waited for our “escort “into the northern part of Mexico City. What a ride. Traffic is absolute controlled chaos. We made it to a great hotel and parked the bikes. A great decision.

On Saturday we went to the Zocalo, the original Aztec city upon which Mexico City is now built. I report that the conquest of Mesoamerica is complete. The ancient Aztec center had a sledding hill and ice rink installed for Christmas. So we watched millions of Mexicans milling around the great square lined up to sled down a hill with man made snow and view the gamboni clean the ice where once Aztec kings ruled. Then we found an authentic Aztec priest and were blessed and cleansed spiritually at the site of the old Aztec temple. I am absolutely sure the guy was authentic because he was missing a bunch of teeth and was barefoot. The other competing priest was wearing reboks, so we were assured our guy was authentic.

Mexico City was made memorable by the hospitality of Marco Horta and his dad Fausto and step mom Elizabeth. Marco showed us around. Fausto arranged a Harley escort out of Mexico City on Sunday. Good thing too because the traffic never let up!!

Harleys are a big deal in Mexico too. In fact Fausto has what amounts to a Harley shrine in his house. All Nebraskans are familiar with the “Big Red” room some people have with all the pictures and memorabililia. Well Fausto has one for Harley Davidson in his house. Pretty impressive, and a little imposing. It could pass as a Harley store. Marty and I on the other hand are bug encrusted enduro riders missing parts and trusting that the grime on our machines is what is now holding them together.

So on Sunday when we rode with the Harley guys to Puebla we found a full rally going on. Lots of Harleys!! But they all stay on the pavement. See the picture of the guy with the skull mask!!

Anyway we made it to Cordoba tonight. A wonderful colonial city. We are in the center and the party is underway. The square is filled. Bands are playing and the parade is in full swing.
I want to report on one more incident. Last weekend Marty and I had ridden to Colima, near Manzanillo, to look at some volcanoes. As we approached home on the return ride we missed a turn and asked a federal policeman for directions. He gave them. But as we rode away a police car followed us, turned on the flashers and pulled us over. Four “federales” climbed out as we shut down the bikes. Turns out we had been give just a little wrong info. So they chased us down to make sure we got home. I should say that all the Mexican police we have talked with and army too, are very professional, polite, and helpful. But the Federal Police really went beyond the call of duty to help us out. Moreover, the police forces seem to be equal opportunity. We see so many women motorcycle cops, especially in the big cities.

That’s it for a while. Next report is from Chiapis.


ljimbell2 said...

Thanks Fritz (and Marty). I'm fascinated with your reports. We're missing you on Tuesdays and Thursdays.What an adventure of a lifetime. I'm somewhat of a "Mexicophile" but with exposure limited to Zijuatineo.

Jim Bell

Jacquelyn Caglia said...

Where are the photos of Fausto's Harley shrine? They would explain so much about Marco! ;)

Glad to hear that you are both well and moving along. Next stop Chiapas!

1975-R90-BMW said...

you guys need that Skull Mask. This is stranger than truth. Stay safe. Hello from the Dunn-clan. John Dunn

Steven said...

Hi you guys, saw your tire question on MOA--If you need a BMW dealer for tires or service in Costa Rica, they are 200 meters south and then 200 meters east, starting from the US embassy in the Pavas district of San Jose. Their phone is 506 22909235, email of shop manager Esteban Acuna is The owner is Norval Garnier, who is also a founder of the Costa Rican BMW club, is at
Best of Luck, Steve Huffstutlar

mhorta said...

Guys!, it was amazing having spent at least a couple days with you and I hope we gave you the strength and/or filled up your patience tanks, for your still LONG journey!.
I'll be leaving to Boston on the 28th of Dec, but rest assured that if you guys need anything from MX we will get it for you.
You guys have been coming up in almost all conversations with the HOG groups here in MX and have sparked many dream trips, which you guys are already harvesting on your own. Happy riding! :)

Fausto, Elizabeth and Marco Horta

Marta said...

I hope you can see my greetings from Buenos Aires. Merry Christmas for all family Sampson, bon voyage and my best wishes for the new year. Marta