Saturday, November 15, 2008

Are You Guys Brothers?

It's 4:30 pm saturday Nov 15 in Tucson AZ. Marty and I are still speaking to each other. We have learned an enormous amount in the past week. Mostly that we need each other ot make this trip and that collaborative thinking generates the best decisions.

So the last week has been pretty exhausting. Last sunday we stopped in Taos NM for lunch. I already posted the picture of the Rio Grande Gorge. But as we were leaving Taos a couple stopped us while we climbed on the bikes. After a lot a questions about the bikes and the plan the woman asked " are you guys brothers?" Now any of you who know me will attest that my raven black hair and chiseled face left me 15 yrs ago. But I am still vain and it made me feel great. So just as I was about to say " you bet" Marty told her the truth.

After resting for 2 days at Jemez Springs we left for Eagar AZ through some great back roads to meet Laurice and Cari Margheim , old friends from Alliance Ne now living in Eagar. Marty and I had survived what we thought were cold days, but as the sun set it the AZ mountains the temps dropped and my feet started to freeze for the first time. Arizona is not warm at 7200 ft.
Laurice led the way from Quimota NM to Eagar and we pulled in under a beautiful full moon over the forested mountains framing Eagar. It only took 2 hours to regain feeling in my toes, so I am improving.

Eagar and Springerville AZ are contiguous and indistinguishable small towns. I needed something at the pharmacy so Laurice Marty and I rode down to the only combination Rexall Drug and gun store I have ever encountered in Springerville. Toothpaste is only a few steps away from ammo. Truly a full service store.

Wednesday we were going to try to make Tucson, but got a late start and a top heavy bike (mine) stopped us in Globe AZ. The ride was through the high passes and down to the canyon of the Salt River. It would be great if the bikes were not fully loaded. But the curves were a tad tight and an all out race up and down the canyon was not prudent. We pulled into Tucson on Thursday and have been warm ever since.

For the past couple days were have been doing upkeep on the bikes, getting our inter bike radio system to work, and generally enjoying being with daughter Wendy and dog Andrew. Andrew went nuts when he heard the bikes approaching. The dog has a prodigous memory for engine sound.

So now I am sitting in my luxury suite at Motel 6 getting the final touches to make the crossing to Mexico on Monday the 17th. It may be a while before I can post once I cross. Hope you enjoy the photos of the Jemez River canyon at sunrise, the drugun store, Laurice and Cari, and the natural arch in outback NM. More later.


Mac said...

Nice to have the update...I was starting to worry and you were still in the country.

I assume the old lady that thought you were brothers was blind, at the very least Marty must have been very insulted.

Jordan said...

Good luck crossing the boarder tomorrow you guys! Mexico sounds lovely as it snowing up here in Vermont and generally cold and "New England" crappy outside. Hasta luego...

Kate said...

Glad to hear you are both doing well! Keep the updates coming. I'm holding down the fort at 41 Whitfield.
I hope your enter into Mexico went smoothly! Best wishes!

Nancy said...

Marty, what is that on Fritz's head? Is your "brother" an aspiring rapper or something?