Thursday, November 6, 2008

Brutal, Absolutely Brutal

It is 7:30 pm in Concordia, Kansas and I will never be warm again. Marty and I left Omaha about 10 am and hit the front side of winter 20 minutes later. We rode south from Omaha in 30 to 40 mph side winds from the west. When we got to Kansas we turned west and had headwinds, and temps in the low 40's. So 250 miles later we pulled into Concordia and started to defrost.

I love wind riding. Always have. This is just so much fun. I love being tossed around on the bike and recovering. I love riding leaned over and thinking my way through the curves with changing winds and gusts. So Patagonia here I come.

Packing was stressful. But now that I am on the bike a feeling of serenity has returned. Marty and I are going to have the time of our lives.


1975-R90-BMW said...

Fritz & Marty,
Now both Johnny & Daniel are asking when we are going to take bikes on an "adventure". The planning will begin. Thinking of you guys often ---- Not so much in prayer as in a burning envy & resentment.... Take good care, John Dunn

Marta said...

Hi Fritz, Marty. I wait for you at Buenos Aires. Take care. Buen viaje. Marta