Sunday, November 16, 2008

Havoc House, Tucson, AZ

So dad and I have been hold up in Tucson since Thursday waiting for our Mexican bike insurance kick in. We've been staying in some dumpy Motel 6 in the crap part of town. I feel like I'm in some movie about drug dealers in LA everytime I open up my door to the parking lot. There are a lot of sketchy people hanging out thier front doors smoking. But we have been spending most of our time with my sister, Wendy, and her dog over at her house, otherwise known as Havoc House. Havoc is a cooperative house that my sister and her fellow anarchist started about four years ago. I first visited Havoc three years ago with my friend Meg and it was a little shocking to see my sister living in a house with 10 other people, as well as dogs and chickens. But I know that she completely enjoys Havoc and the more time I spend at Havoc I begin to see why people want to live together in such a community. It always seems like something is going on. Someone is always going dumpster diving, going to pick up horse shit for the backyard garden, or having a community dinner. Wendy bought some hedge clippers Friday so dad and I decided to complete some service hours and almost cut down all the weeds, I mean trees, in the Havoc yard. I like to imagine my dad living in Havoc house with 10 anarchists. It kind of reminds me of that SNL skit where Bob Dole lives in the Real World house. Cracks me up just thinking about it.

Overall Dad and I feel pretty good about leaving for Mexico manana. Coming into Tucson I think we were both a little freaked out about being at our last stop before Mexico. I'm not really sure why we were skidish about going to Mexico. I think we just read too many border horror stories. But now we feel great and are ready to get the hell out of Tucson. The drive across America has been great. It's crazy to think I've driven all the way from Boston to Tuscon in last three weeks. It feels like a month has gone by since leaving Omaha. I expect it to feel this way the entire trip. Going from cold to hot, from cornfields to mountains to desert and back can mess with your sense of time.

The photos are from the last couple of stops.

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steven said...

Marty - I told you - you guys could stay with Sam and Dale up in Phoenix - Steve Miller lives in Tucson also , if you want his number -let me know Black 800 369 4568