Monday, November 10, 2008

Jemez Springs, New Mexico

I awoke this morning to snow and deer standing outside my door. Monday is a rest day and we could not have picked a better place. Marty and I are staying with my Uncle Jim Sampson at the Paraclete Fathers House in Jemez Springs NM.We have now covered 1200 miles, all of it during winter conditions.

Hiway 4 from Los Alamos to Jemez Springs is a winding forest shrouded raod with switchbacks and corkscrews. When the curve sign says 10 MPH it means it.

I am not as thoughtful on the blogs as Marty. I get these wonderful ideas at 3 am, then go back to sleep. But let me tell you about Alamosa CO. People asked why we chose that route when we could have made great time on the Interstate. Well when I waoke up to 19 degrees and frost on the saddle Sunday morning I thought the same things. But the ride to Alamosa and from there to Taos, then to Jemez Springs is a tour book route.

I have attached some pics. The gorge of the Rio Grande just outside Taos. The ride from Taos to Espanola NM, and some of the wide open spsces.


steven said...

Hey Fritz - you have to go to the Grand Canyon - and then down Oak Creek Canyon Road to Sedona - right up there with the Needles Highway , and then you will end up couple hours North of Phoenix on the interstate Black

Grasi said...

Hiii Fritz and Marty!!!! Have a wonderful trip! I hope you come to Brazil visit us!
Take care!!

steven said...

Where are you guys - ? Just trying to make sure you got my post about Oak Creek Canyon Drive down from that Great Big Hole , to Sedona - Jerome AZ ect .

Give me a call Black 800 369 4568