Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Henry Zoo

As we moved through Kansas and in to Colorado yesterday the skies cleared for the most part and the land gave way to the grass lands. Dad and I found the back roads that lead us to I-70 were just happened upon my friend Chris Henry freezing to dealth about 150 miles east of Denver. Chris had driven out on his Honda sport bike and was not entirely dress for the wind that he was about to expeience on his way west back into Denver. Chris claimed that our speedometers were broken and that we were moving to slow for his liking. I think he was just cold and wanted to get to his warm house as soon as possible. I don't blaim him. The Henry house was happening as always. Unfortunately Patty, Chris's wife and my fellow Peace Corps companion, was down and out after having her tonsals out four days earlier. Luckily for me Patty took some drugs and rallied enough to have dinner with us. The Henry's 18 month old son, Gunnar, was in full effect, charming and entertaining all of us. It was good to get to spend some time in Denver with some old friends. Denver has always been one of my favorite town since I was a little kid. Being in Denver and seeing Gunnar I think sparked my dad memories of when we were much younger and my parents would take every chance to come down to the city from Alliance, NE. The mountains brings back memories from when I was a kid, the Rockies still amaze me. Driving from Denver southward to Alamosa today dad and I found ourselves rolling down a highway located in the middle of the largest valley I've been in in a long time. While dreaming about this trip for the last 18 months I had a photo on my computer desktop of a guy on a motorcycle driving though a valley with mountains all around. I was happy to finally experience the photo for myself today. But I think dad and I are a bit tired. Three days on the bike can take a lot out of you. I think we are both bit overwhelmed by the idea of spending four months on the road. Three days in and we are already kind of sick of eating out. We are both trying to make a concerted effort to eat healthy, not sure this evenings KFC fit the bill. All and all things are going good and we are working out the kinks of riding together and adjusting to our loaded bikes. Hopefully we will feel comfortable before the Mexican border but I'm not holding my breath. Thanks once again to Patty, Chris, Merril for their hospitality and to Gunnar for helping me take some great photos, coming soon. On to New Mexico.


Molly said...

Marty -- I'm jealous you got to see the Henry's! Will look for the photos. I hope you guys get comfy soon on your motores. If you are feeling down, just sing my favorite song: "I don't want no pickle; I just wanna ride on my motorsickle."

Merril said...

Marty and Fritz-
So wonderful to have shared in a little piece of your adventure. The first time I saw the San Luis Valley I had to stop and take it all in for a while, it's one of those unforgettable places. Hopefully you will get some well needed rest in the healing waters of the Jemez Mountains.

Mac said...

What an exciting adventure. I miss riding in the Rockies, it's always so awe inspiring. Good luck, and keep the updates coming.

The Henry Zoo said...

Marty and Mr. Sampson, we were so thrilled to have you two in our home at the start of your great adventure. We have a wild hair to come see you somewhere in SA at some point of your journey.

Keep on rockin!